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Мобільний шпиталь

The Hospital of Mobile Surgery

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Мобільний шпиталь

On December 23, volunteers of the Charitable Foundation named after Boris Voznytskyy solemnly handed over the Hospital of Mobile Surgery to representatives of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. It already serves medics to perform surgical operations of increased complexity in places in close proximity to hostilities.

The project was implemented with the support and funding of Canadian and American partners: Tyingvines USA represented by Melissa Mitchell as president and ICROSS Canada and its president Dr. Bridget Stirling.

From the beginning of the implementation of the project, it was under the patronage of the Commander of the Medical Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Brigadier General of the Medical Service – Tetyana Mykolaivna Ostashchenko. Consultation support was provided by specialist doctors of the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region of the Military Academy of Medical Sciences.

Using the container structure, which was reinforced and insulated, we created the most autonomous facility for military field surgery, which can work without a power connection for 3-4 days (2 powerful generators, a 300-liter diesel tank, rechargeable batteries), and it is also equipped with water supply and drainage tanks. An effective system of codification, ventilation and distribution of electricity for medical equipment is functioning. Our craftsmen, volunteers of the Foundation, also developed a collapsible ramp system for seriously ill patients.

The Mobile Hospital consists of full-fledged examination, operating and sanitary rooms, a shower cabin and a mini-laboratory. The internal surfaces are covered with moisture- and wear-resistant paint.

The hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment: an artificial ventilation device, an oxygen concentrator, a multiparameter monitor, a portable surgical aspirator, an infusion syringe pump, an electrosurgical device, and a steam sterilizer of instruments. With the help of consulting doctors, a convenient model of the operating table and a powerful operating lamp were installed.

Military doctors who were consultants for this project believe that this mobile hospital has no equivalent in Ukraine today among similar mobile medical structures. We hope that our Hospital will be able to be evaluated by military doctors in practice very soon, and we, meanwhile, will work on the release of the next, even more improved hospitals (given the experience gained), in order to, if possible, meet the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and save as many lives as possible of heroic Ukrainian soldiers.