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The shelter for IDP

24.10.2022 admin Comments Off

Since the beginning of hostilities, the FUND has been helping internally displaced people in organizing their resettlement in shelters in Lviv, the Lviv region and other western regions; as well as in providing these shelters with humanitarian aid, food, etc.

However, due to closure of many shelters, including ones in educational institutions from August 2022, as well as the increased flow of people displaced from the newly de-occupied territories and localities that are deprived of the possibility of heating on the eve of frost, a shortage of beds has arisen. Voznytsky Fund decided to open and administer its own shelter in Lviv.

With support of the Lviv Regional Administration, the Foundation undertook to renovate the compartment, which can accommodate 70 people needed of assistance.

The project is ongoing and in great need of support in the form of partial funding, volunteer hands or building materials.

Project managers:

Albina Brilliantova +380677227518
Serhii Nechytailenko +380682398911