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500 comfortable German military beds!

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500 comfortable German military beds!

Great collaboration! 

The United States, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine have joined forces to get more than 500 of our soldiers to sleep in comfortable German military beds! 

The Voznytsky Foundation has received and donated more than 500 military beds from our US partners, the American Human Kind Fund NFP. 

Thank you for the general coordination in Europe – our Polish partners – EMES AND PARTNERS. And personally Marcin Skóra and Sławomir Brotaj. 

The American logistics company CH ROBINSON POLSKA provided two trucks with drivers, transporting the beds on the Berlin – Mielec. 

Jarosław Nieć from JARNIE in Mielec and Paweł Babula from Primax-Chemia in Mielec donated more than 500 beds free and customs clearance for us. 

And yesterday, the beds were shipped to a military unit in Ukraine. 

Do more for Ukraine!

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